Frequently Asked Questions…

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What are your hours of operation?

Monday - Friday  |   First Shoot:  9 am - Last Shoot:  3 pm *** Early in the morning and late afternoon are when the sun is at a sharp angle in the sky.  As I cannot shoot directly into the sun, exterior angles are very limited at those times of the day.

What is the best time to take exterior pictures?

Because the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, homes or buildings facing East will receive more sun in the earlier part of the day and homes facing West receive more in the afternoon.  Some buildings won’t receive any direct sun on the front or back depending on whether they face more North or South and the amount can vary based on the time of year.  Mid-day is likely best on very sunny days when the sun is highest in the sky to keep harsh shadows to a minimum.  I will work with the available light and have photographed properties facing every direction throughout the day and can always find great angles.

Are cloudy days bad for Exterior Pictures?

Not in my opinion for selling Real Estate.  Clouds create soft light which makes it easier to see all of the detail in the house without the harsh shadows created by the sun.  Homes surrounded and shaded by large trees often photograph better on a cloudy day.  For businesses where this will be the main shots used on your website or Facebook page I would wait and shoot on a minimally cloudy day.  Some clouds in the sky are beautiful if you can see a larger portion of blue around them.

Do you Stage the Home or Business?

No, I do not stage homes or businesses but will generally move small things such as plants, knickknacks, chairs, etc on a room by room basis depending on the angle I’m shooting from to show the room or area in the best way.  I am happy to advise although I am not a professional in this area.  If furniture needs to be moved, someone will need to be available for that process.

Should I Depersonalize when selling a home?

Yes, in my opinion it is best to remove or minimize personal items such as large family photos or names on the walls of children’s rooms if you are trying to sell your home.  Buying a home is a very emotional process and these photographs will act as an online Tour of your home.  Potential buyers need a feel for layout and room size and where they can place their things. Also remember, these images are on the internet visible to anyone so remove items of value or anything that can be used to identify your children. Selling a home is also a very emotional process and I have been told by many sellers that staging the home helped them detach from the home and make them ready to move on as soon as possible.

Do you use Photoshop to make the sky blue and the grass green?

Every images goes through a detailed editing process and I make every effort to make the pictures look the very best they can but I must represent the product accurately.  I use angles to show the property or project in the best manner excluding anything that will be a detractor.  I use Photoshop to crop, adjust color temperature and exposure.

When will I receive my Photos?

You will receive your pictures next business days after the shoot.  If there is a delay for any reason I will contact you.

How will I receive my Photos?

Please refer to the Delivery section above for a detailed explanation.

What file format do you use?

Your files will be sent in JPEG file format.

What type of equipment do you use?

All photographs are taken with Canon camera equipment.

Do you shoot weddings or portraits?

I only shoot architectural photography.  It is my passion and my focus.
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