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HouzPix specializes in getting your next listing shot and processed quickly and affordably, with a quality that makes every image stand out. With over 10 years professional experience, HouzPix brings the creative and technical expertise you can trust to market your next listing.
As a Professional, I understand the importance of treating your clients and their property with the highest degree of attention and respect. I represent not only my reputation but also that of your client’s confidence in our ability to sell their home.

What You Care About
Know that I do everything in my power to give you what you care about most:
  • On time and on schedule from the start of the photo shoot to the delivery of your photos and virtual tour.
  • A smooth-running photo shoot
  • Stand-out imagery to ensure your listing pops off the page or screen

HouzPix Photography has a passion for architecture photography. Living in one of the most vibrant communities for Residential Architectural Building Design, my drive progressed quite naturally into the world of Real Estate Photography.
For over 10 years, I have had the pleasure to work with some of the finest clients from every major brokerage firm in the Orange County Area, and to photograph every type of home, from starter homes to multi-generation family estates. I treat each property with the same level of care and attention, knowing that every agent and homeowner has the same wish… to see their home look it’s very best!
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